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Campfire traditions that create a deep sense of belonging and meaning

We know that entering a new community can be hard for even the most extroverted person. Campfires are one of our favorite ways to help welcome new campers and counselors join our extended camp family, and help make sure they know our community’s norms, values and traditions. This short video is a look into what […]

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How Emotional Vulnerability Can Foster Deeper, Lifelong Friendships

I recently saw a documentary that had some pretty profound thoughts about how people form and maintain deep friendships. In it, country singer Trey Hirsch was interviewed, and he bemoaned how much harder it is to make new and close friendships later in life. His analysis was that this was due to two important factors: […]

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Very Happy Campers | Summer Camp Rituals

It’s day two of the summer of 2014, and already we have some very happy campers It’s hard to not be a happy camper on a day like today. The weather was perfect — warm and sunny with beautiful blue skies all day long. Today was our second full day of the summer, and with […]

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