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Homesick (and yet) Happy in China

A camp director remembers what it is like to be having a great time in a new place, and yet also yearn for home It’s been many years since I was a new camper, so while I can understand the challenges a homesick camper is going through, it has been almost 3 decades since I […]

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Why 7 Week Summer Camp?

Why is Kenwood and Evergreen a 7 Week Summer Camp? We are often asked why is Kenwood and Evergreen a 7-week summer camp? Why aren’t you a shorter 4-week camp like so many others out there? Simply put, because going to a 7-week camp is amazing and life changing, and has a far longer impact […]

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A Night With Child Expert Michael Thompson

A Night With Child Expert Michael Thompson, Ph.D. We are excited to announce a very special upcoming event! On Thursday, February 6 we invite all Camps Kenwood and Evergreen current and future parents to a talk with Michael Thompson, Ph.D. as he presents “Best Friends/Worst Enemies: Friendship Development, Popularity and Social Cruelty in Childhood”. This […]

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