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Camp friends hanging out together all year long!

After the amazing Boston and Rhode Island camp reunion last Saturday, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking a lot about how wonderful and powerful it is that our community creates such fantastic camp friendships. Since the day Camp ended in August our campers, counselors, alumni, and event camp parents have been using their free […]

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Join us for the CT/NY/NJ area Camp Reunion at Chelsea Piers in Stamford

Saturday, January 28th Chelsea Piers Stamford, Stamford, CT 5:00pm – 7:30pm We had a blast at the Boston and Rhode Island area Camp Reunion this past Saturday, and now are looking forward to our next one in Stamford, CT on Jan. 28. We will be running Camp activities, including gymnastics, indoor soccer, touch football, and […]

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A fantastic camp reunion in Beijing, China

As I wrote about in Friday’s blog, we have begun our fall season of amazing camp reunions. Two weeks ago more than 100 campers and counselors gathered for an evening of playing at the House of Sports in Ardsley, NY, and just last week a group of us held the third annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen […]

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The season of camp reunions has begun!

Fall is here which means that we have started our season of Camp reunions. Two weeks ago we held our first post-summer gathering at the House of Sports in Ardsley, NY. Dozens of veteran campers from NY, NJ and CT joined us for an evening of gaga, basketball, art projects, kickball and hanging out with camp […]

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The power of knowing you have overnight camp friends for life

There’s something so powerful about having friends who support you unconditionally. It makes you feel like you can weather any storm or accomplish any task life puts in front of you. Ask any camper or counselor here what’s the most important thing to know about our brother-sister summer camps and they reply “to be a good […]

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Summer camp friendships really can last forever

As we approach the start of the summer of 2016 it is wonderful to see so many of our campers, counselors, and even alumni getting together. Over the weekend the Hughes, Dank, Finard, Rosenberg and Tanguay girls got together for some good times while on Nantucket. 

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A social experiment and why camp friends are so important

As a teen I had the good fortune to attend an amazing boarding school. It offered its students a real sense of purpose and belonging, and because of the positive growth mindset it fostered my classmates and I easily grew passionate about our academics. For more than 2 decades I’ve described it as “Kenwood and […]

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K&E camp friends are everywhere you go!

The friendships formed at our brother-sister summer camp really do seem to last a lifetime, and as our campers, counselors and alumni keep pointing out to me, camp friends really do seem to be wherever you go!

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7 reasons why Camp friendships may be vital for your child’s health

I use this blog to write a lot about the powerful friendships our campers, counselors and camp parents form in our community. Yesterday I wrote about the more than a dozen great photos of K&E camp friends hanging out together that I received in just the past week. And as I looked at each image I was […]

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Camp friends just make life better (and seem to last forever!)

I got back from vacation to find my email inbox FILLED with photos of our K&E camp friends hanging out with each other all over the world this week. Lowell hung out with Ben, Nate, Elliot, Jake, Posner, Nathaniel, Russell, Maddy and Reid, while former counselors Eddie, Mark, Luke and Amanda had a mini-reunion in […]

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Our soccer coach finds camp friends and 21st century skills in Spain

Yesterday I received an incredible email from Tom Shanks, our long-time head of soccer at Evergreen, our summer camp for girls. Tom is studying abroad this semester in Spain, and he could not wait to tell me all about the life lessons he was learning, and how our brother-sister summer camp community continues to be such […]

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Super Bowl Bingo Cards for our Camp Friends

At our brother-sister summer camp in NH we’ve spent the last 86 years coming up with funny, creative, and innovative ways to help our campers have great times. And while our campers are only with us during the summers we here in the Camps K&E Office work on new ideas throughout the entire year. On […]

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